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My name is Chris Hicks and I want to help you move your organization a Step Ahead in two ways:

  1. By getting at areas of unmet needs, untapped potential, and unchecked risk within your organization.

  2. By engaging your stakeholders (customers, channel partners, prospects) in ways that allow you to specifically get at areas of untapped potential with them.

My inherent value, and that of those I partner with, is seen in methodologies that engage everyone, surface the best ideas, develop actionable and measurable goals and drive follow-through. I help organizations get to outcomes that add tremendous value both internally and with their extended stakeholder family.

Over more than a decade, I have helped leading organizations solve thousands of problems, big and small, using proprietary tools (specialized surveys, audience data capture, prioritization, etc.) in unique offerings (strategic planning, sales growth, channel development, skill improvement, etc.) that result in great success stories and client testimonials.


We use technology based tools in most all of our work specifically to give every stakeholder a voice and to analyze their input.

Most of our approaches use technologies such as audience response to give voice in meetings and events but then are backed with participant analytics that give voice after such events.


We have developed methodology based offerings to solve for untapped potential, unmet needs and unchecked risk.

Some are oriented towards giving all internal stakeholders a voice in innovation and problem solving.  Others are tuned to engaging an extended family of stakeholders (customers, prospects, channel partners).


We have been at it for well over a decade in over 50 countries with approaches that transcend culture.  Click below to read about some stories of some of our project efforts over time and some of the interesting places in which we have worked.

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