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Chris Hicks = change agent

Chris Hicks is and always has been a change agent. His approaches drive sustainable innovation, organizational accountability and superior capability when so many approaches today do not. His approach is honest, forthright and founded in seeking and welcoming full stakeholder engagement for positive change.  He has a track record in helping organizations grow sales performance account by account and confronting challenges with precision and discipline.



Chris helps people to THINK fully about any situation in a mindset open to real innovation. His commitment to innovation, integrity, ethics is well-known inside and outside of business.  He firmly believes in engagement with responsibility and that some of the best ideas come from the quietest stakeholders.  He also believes in disciplined and tenacious follow-through.


Chris has spent 11+ years helping large and small enterprises and, before that, he held leadership roles in IBM and Arthur Andersen / Andersen Consulting spanning two decades.

Chorus Consulting = Working Together

Chorus Consulting is about getting your team to work as one. Not by making everyone be the same but getting everyone's voice to work “in chorus.” The mindset is one of innovative and engaging approach coupled with a continuous improvement, mindset. It believes no one and nothing is “perfect just the way it is.” There can be more and better.


It all starts with accepting a simple credo for your organization that includes a commitment to:

  1. Being clear - Insisting on clear and precise thinking from everyone

  2. Being honest - Being consistently honest with each other about any situation

  3. Being open - Welcoming and learning from every stakeholder, especially those with contrary input

  4. Being collaborative - Dropping politics and focusing on goals over personality and process

  5. Being thoughtful - Challenging all stakeholders to think through ideas fully

  6. Being winners – Winning in the end by following through with discipline and tenacity


A New Chapter in Your Book

Chris’ approaches, combined with your commitment, is all we will need to write a new and exciting chapter in your book, personally and organizationally.

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