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We use some well-defined tools in our work. These unique tools add depth and dimension to our offerings. Five key tools in our work include:



Audience Response for a New Level of Dynamic Gatherings


Most meetings and gatherings are either one-way information (a presenter to an audience) or dominated by a few who speak the most. Real-time audience response means 100% of the people in any meeting or gathering have a voice even if they say nothing.


Real-time, simple and visually engaging audience response changes the dynamic of any meeting for the better. It engages 100% of the participants EVERY TIME. This allows overall sentiment, instead of a few vocal people, to set direction.


In our approach, audience response is used within a simple and effective process to quickly get to a goal. It is used to facilitate better and more inclusive decisions and the engagement of every person present. It's fast and fun and focused.


Because we use simple, instant and highly-effective technologies, it is never intimidating (any person can easily participate) and it is always subtle; meaning it compliments whatever process is taking place vs. overwhelming the process. There are no apps to download, no texting, and no complex interface. Simple little keypads make participation a breeze.


While respondents are always anonymous in a meeting, results can be tracked to participants and participant demographics to allow superior post-event analysis. We recommend this technology in all manner of consultative work from simple meetings to strategic planning, to stakeholder focus groups to education and training.



Online and Kiosk-Based Surveying


Not all surveying is the same. Some surveys are for market research while others are for polling. Too many surveys, however, become tedious.


We design online and kiosk-based surveying that is visually and structurally unique and riveting. While we can employ traditional techniques, a key to our approach is what we call “priority and sentiment.” Instead of asking participants to respond to everything, our approach has them respond only to things they care about. It includes inherent priority-setting and captures sentiment only where the respondent really cares about a given area. The result is a dramatically better set of actionable insight and an engagement with the respondent around topics that interest them.


As a simple example, imagine the question, “How would you grade these aspects of local parks?” (followed by a list).  Responses from people who do not go to nor care about local parks mean little. So why ask them?


Our approach builds graphically-stunning surveys that, using our techniques, deliver exponentially more insight and engagement. Additionally, we offer both online and kiosk-based approaches.


Participant Analytics


We often provide participant analytics that combines first-hand data (ex: from a survey) and additional data sources (ex: from an external database) to add depth, insight, and credibility.

Analytics reporting to the participant level helps to move forward decision making and action.  It is especially useful with partners, prospects and customers whose insight can be especially valuable.  The analytics helps to better understand and engage any stakeholder in the right context.

Proprietary tools we built help in the process and can add dramatically to insight from any event or survey team activity that includes data capture.

Information-Sharing Portals

While we commonly see examples of highly-customized information targeting an end-user (such as when you go to Amazon and it focuses on items of interest to you), all too often data-sharing is “all data for all.” 

We offer the ability to “portal” information to partners, customers, staff and individuals. That means each person sees and interacts only with information relevant to them, their interests and their responsibility. Because it is “portal-based,” access is secured and controlled and can be monitored. Sharing can be based on individuals or attributes (ex: people in a certain department) to allow complete flexibility and simple maintenance.

Data-Driven Communications

Getting the right message to the right person can make all the difference in the world. Unique, personalized, contextually relevant messages to customers, partners and others differentiate their engagement. We specialize in data-driven messaging that targets individuals based on attributes and interests encountered from first-hand interaction with them (ex: survey or event participation).

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