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We combine tools with experience and methodology to tailor offerings that are usually focused on internal stakeholders (employees and leadership) or external stakeholders (channel partners, customers or prospects).

The following offerings are typically internal stakeholder focused:

Strategy and Planning


  • From mission to values and down the line to strategies, our approach (referred to as “Step Ahead”) is more engaging, more accountable and more practical. It includes the use of many of our tools but always features a planning session that uses immediate audience responses to allow every stakeholder to engage and prioritize in real-time. That dynamic alone puts discussion and actions on a fast path.


Solution Sessions (Solving Problems)


  • Whether to solve a problem or realize an opportunity, solution sessions get more done faster and at much higher quality with more buy-in and commitment.  We start by focusing on an area with a need or problem or opportunity. Using an approach referred to as “Three Steps,” in a short timeframe “insight, action and outcome” are covered that results in innovation and a committed action plan. Because the entire team is involved, and the technology used in the session gives everyone a voice, the results are amplified and commitment is locked in.


Departmental Continuous Improvement (As-Is vs. To-Be)


  • While many organizations focus on bigger picture strategy, this approach focuses on department-by-department assessment and determines key areas for continuous improvement in process, culture, and execution. It often yields significant results and keeps any organization moving forward. All key stakeholders participate and develop innovation and buy-in for small and large improvements.


Untapped Potential Discovery (New Opportunity)


  • This is a unique approach done mostly online to engage customers, clients or partners and, while also addressing the status and continuous improvement, to identify areas of untapped potential for more engagement, service or sales. It allows the customer, client or partner to be part of the process of insight – including insight into areas of potential not currently being served.



Skill Improvement Workshops (New Approaches)


  • Through time, we have helped with many skill improvement projects in several areas. These usually have participation from staff and/or partners in group sessions that allow for attention and collaboration. What makes them unique is the incorporation of technology that allows for real-time assessment and re-teaching when necessary. The impact is profound as participant attention is heightened and real-time assessment allows for addressing and understanding gaps on the spot (vs. later or never).

The following offerings are typically focused on external stakeholders:

Customer Directed Briefings
(Making In-Person Events Worth More)


  • Used mostly by us in client briefings, this approach allows participants to direct content branching and depth level in real time via a facilitated approach. Even more interesting, it allows for immediate feedback on the applicability of content being presented to participants and their organizations via real-time impact on implementation potential in their enterprise.


Advisory Councils (Creating a Family)


  • Customer, citizen, partner etc. advisory councils executed on a regular basis can help an organization do more, engage better, get feedback and participate in solution design.


Channel Engagement and Expansion (Growing Family)


  • Engaging and growing channels are critical to most business enterprises. How to go about it in ways that maximize relationship but also help channel partners to have a plan for their growth with you (over others) is a challenge. It involves finding ways to better align with each partner.

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