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We have been at it for 11 years and have done and learned much. Below are a handfull of stories of our efforts over time.



IBM Proposals


  • We helped IBM improve proposal quality using our tools and building a methodology called “Three Steps to Better Proposals.” The approaches centered on better insight into client needs and problems, better definition of outcomes that mattered, clear recommendations and simple substantiation for the recommendations. This effort took place across 1,000 sellers in many countries.


IBM Strategic Planning


  • In systems, storage and federal, we helped IBM put strategic plans in place including clearly-defined, accountable action plans. Using our unique tools, we were able to see buy-in and consensus on key areas of focus and best actions. Everyone had a voice, so everyone was invested in success. This effort took place with multiple units of IBM within the US.


IBM Client Briefings


We helped IBM refocus its Briefing Center technique to have a continuous feedback loop on the applicability of content to the needs of briefing participants. That allowed better focus in briefings in real-time and it allowed better post-briefing assessment of each participant and how best to help them.


Dell Top Customer Insight


  • We helped Dell engage its top customers to gain insight for better Dell products, offerings, and solutions.


Samsung Channel Briefings


  • We helped Samsung turn channel education sessions into events focused on mutual business growth. Our techniques allowed for simple roadmaps by participating partner (in multi-partner events) for target growth and collaboration areas.


Samsung Partner Plans


  • We helped Samsung build partner plans for key US distributors and emerging growth partners. By using our tools, we could make sure priorities were shared and strategies agreed upon in a way that every participant got a vote. These were done in locations within the US and Canada.


Ampac Untapped Opportunity Discovery


  • We engaged Ampac customers for insight on products but also to better understand share by product line. The resulting map helped to pinpoint opportunities for improvement and pockets of untapped potential by the client and what obstacles were likely an impediment to attainment.


Sybase (SAP) Account Planning


  • On a global basis, we helped Sybase in growth account planning with local, partner and corporate resource involvement to best find synergies between clients and products. Using our electronic capture approaches within these sessions sped consensus and allowed for the full participation of all stakeholders.


Bryan Equipment Strategic Planning


  • We have helped Bryan Equipment Services (distributor of Stihl power equipment) to put in place a comprehensive strategic plan using our tools and capabilities.


Bryan Equipment Departmental Improvement


  • Twice, we have helped Bryan Equipment Services to develop departmental continuous improvement plans. The process involved the assessment of its current state, identification of opportunities for improvement, and development of improvement plans. All using our approaches and real-time data capture.

State Representative Tom Brinkman Constituent Survey
and Roundtables

  • We applied survey and roundtable principles with Ohio State Representative Tom Brinkman to allow constituent voice on key issues such as healthcare and education. Within the process, we also executed multiple-issue roundtables (healthcare and education) as well as a more traditional Town Hall.

Deerfield Construction Employee Engagement

  • We used our techniques with Deerfield Construction’s employees to help pinpoint, and put in place, employee growth plans focused on their top growth priorities and company needs. What made this unique is that we used our electronic response systems in a group setting in which employees could see, in real time (but anonymously to others), the priority map across all employees.

Cincom Systems Strategic Planning

  • We used our approaches with Cincom Systems to develop their strategic plan. The process forced accountability and cross-group insight.

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