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After all that, we have been blessed by some great testimonials from clients.


  • “Chris is one of the most inspirational and pragmatic consultants I have met.” – Sevag Kalaydjian, SAP Director

  • “No one gets a team of sales professionals to create a customer-centric account strategy more efficiently or effectively than Chris Hicks.”  – Steve Wittenberg, IBM

  • “Chris has a great knack for helping any team “connect the dots” in new and different ways for better results. Chris consistently brings an innovative approach to challenges big and small.” –  Dan Hebrank, IBM VP

  • “He clearly understands the right ways to hammer out an effective strategy, especially when competing voices abound.”
    – Dan Weisberg, TutorMate

  • “Chris is one of the smartest people in the business and has an uncanny ability to examine possibilities that most others cannot initially see.” – Rick Bjorck, Lenovo

  • “Chris focuses on practical approaches that can cut across language and culture (we worked across nearly 20 countries). His approaches drive innovation by combining content and technology with a style that challenged our teams to be better by working smarter.” – Janusz Moroz, Symphony RetailAI Channel Manager

  • “Chris Hicks is the definition of a "Thought Leader" and was always thinking out of the box to solve client issues.”
    – Jori Thomas, IBM Client Executive

  • “Chris’ unique method has assisted our group in taking individual issues and defining, evaluating and prioritizing these challenges.”  – Tom Mattei, Bryan Equipment Sales

  • “Chorus' Step Ahead process enabled better clarity to our priorities as well as better decision making on where to make our investments.” – Dan Shea, Arrow Electronics

  • “Chris is a highly professional and dedicated consultant who can understand the client’s needs very quickly, manage to pinpoint to the specific problem and offer quality solutions.”  –  Dragan Alsksic, MD&PROFY


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